Denise Williams

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As a biology teacher, I am one of those lucky souls who spends my days getting young people interested in science in general and nature in particular. It's a rewarding job even if it's not very lucrative.

I call western North Carolina (USA) home and again, I'm lucky to find myself in a wonderfully diverse region -- both culturally and ecologically -- where I am surrounded by an abundance of wild and semi-wild places. I am fascinated by plants and insects and, now that my youngun' has flown the coop, I have a lot of time to spend photographing bugs. These days I'm out "iNatting" whenever I get the chance. I'm just grateful to live at a time when iNat exists. Wish it had been around when I was young.

My graduate research focused on Microstegium vimineum, commonly known as Japanese stiltgrass, so I try to put my experience to use verifying observations of this plant on iNaturalist.

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