About Places

The world is full of interesting places, each filled with weird and wonderful life forms. Some are on the other side of the world, while others are just down the street!

iNaturalist Australia Places are a way to record what lives where. If you're looking for a particular species, you'll know where to search. Each place has a check list to record all the species that occur there, so they can also be useful for looking up things you've found at particular spots.

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Species from around the world

Each place page displays all the species iNaturalist Australia knows about from that place, including information about their abundance, conservation status, and who was first to observe that species from that place on iNaturalist Australia. You can filter the species by taxonomic group, color, conservation status, or plain old search.

Localized species accounts

View photos, species ranges, iNaturalistAU observations, and more! We've assembled information from many different sources and combined them for a quick summary of each species in each place.

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Blue icons represent political units like countries, states, provinces, counties, and the like, while green icons represent different kinds of open space (parks, reserves). If you zoom in you'll see more, smaller places.