Stefano Caraco

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I'm passionate and love nature, especially the habitats found in the ocean. At the Southern Cross University National Marine Science Centre, I'm now pursuing a degree in marine science.
My interests and Inaturalist focus are on discovering and learning more about the various species that are present in the world and their various habitats, particularly marine ones.
I do a lot of photography, including aerial photography with my drone, and one of my favourite creatures to photograph are dolphins. I'd also hope to film whales and other megafauna animals in the future.
I like to upload as many species as I can because it's a beautiful and original way for me and others to show observations on where each species has been found to show everyone what the biodiversity is like in that specific location and have a record for the future and hope we don't lose the current species we have in the world's ever-changing environment due to climate change and additional human impacts.
Please feel free to follow me and share all the stunning and amazing plants and animals that exist on our planet with others on Inaturalist.

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