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I live on the coast in North East Tasmania and have grown up in and around the bush enjoying the sights sounds and experiences that brings with it.

I do have raw files for most of my pics and some video where possible I am always happy to make these available just ask with the appropriate observation link so I know what pics etc.

Most of the video I take I Edit and post on YouTube as short vids to help others ID species and see what is about around Tasmania


I am a web developer now days although health issues restrict me a little related to my background in emergency services and the military. Getting out and about bringing this content to others is something I enjoy and being able to lend a hand and help others on this platform is what it is all about

I find the iNats methodology for curation very bad and lacks massive oversight issues as a result I will be limiting my activity on this platform when one person can change a whole species structure and not validate it nor provide true reasoning nor be community agreed upon this is bad and ruins 100's of hours work wasted and lacks respect this needs to be fixed.

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