David Gobbett

Joined: Oct 23, 2019 Last Active: Jul 24, 2024 iNaturalist Australia Monthly Supporter since June 2023

I'm a terrestrial generalist, especially in South Australia. I know a few plants, many birds, butterflies, a few reptiles, and am learning about spiders, insects and fungi etc. I also record (and remove) various weeds that I am familiar with in my local area.

As an observer, if I use an automated suggestion when posting a new observation I try to make a note of it if I am not confident with the taxa myself. As an identifier, I focus on moving Unknowns and other high-level identifications to the most appropriate classification I can be confident with, cautiously using automated CV suggestions.

Engaging with nature is a fun, healthy and positive thing for me. I also believe that encouraging others to observe and learn about nature leads to better outcomes for our global environment.

I mostly use an OM-5 camera which has hugely improved capability, performance and convenience. Until mid-2023, I used two compact cameras: macro photos with a Panasonic LX-10 (and my Samsung phone) and other photos with a Sony DSC-WX350.

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