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October 21, 2020


It's three days past the SDB and I would like all participants to give themselves a HUGE ROUND of APPLAUSE and HIGH FIVES for helping the project hit and surpass the 100,000 observations mark. I will let @slamonde update all at a later date with full stats for the SDB Series.

However for the stats focused folk out there, here are the latest stats for #10 (at time of posting):
Observations 8137 Species 2938 Identifiers 698 Observers 115

Plants 1565 species (53.8%) Insects 516 species (17.7%) Birds 312 species (10.7%)
Fungi 232 species (8%) Arachnids 76 species (2.6%) Molluscs 64 species (2.2%)
Others 59 species (2%) Mammals 44 species (1.5%) Reptiles 25 species (0.9%)

Top observers and most species go to the top 6 comprising
@alexis_orion @yayemaster @bonnieeamick @tonyrebelo @sedgequeen and @srall
Among this illustrious group they uploaded 4003 observations (49.2%) and 1553 species (52.8%)

Most observed were
Common mugwort (Artemisia villgaris) 44 times
Black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) 41 times
Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) 37 times
Once again whoo hoo!!! :-D

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October 16, 2020

Socially Distant Bioblitz #10!!

Just over a day to our grand finale (?) bioblitzers! We would love it if all past and present participants tag some friends to join in the fun and help push us to that 100,000 mark observations :-D I am feeling the excitement build as time draws closer and can't wait to see what new observations are uploaded!

Here's the link to copy and share
See you all soon.

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October 17, 2020

15 hours and counting in my part of the world :-D

Greetings Fellow Bioblitzers,
I trust all is good in your part of the globe. Where I am in Trinidad and Tobago today is hot and sunny with the occasional shower. I hope for some showers to bring out more molluscs, fungi and some beetles tomorrow.

It's countdown time to our 10th SDB event and as nighttime/dawn draws in certain regions let us all make this the best in observations, identifications and a TRULY GLOBAL effort.

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First observations should be arriving soon

It is nearly sunrise in Japan and eastern Australia, about when we can expect our first observations of the bioblitz to be posted. Enjoy the bioblitz! Please remember to stay safe :)

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Our first observation is in!

Thanks to @prokhozhyj for getting Socially Distant Bioblitz #10 under way with a House Fly (Musca domestica) found soon after midnight in Moscow, Russia!

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October 18, 2020

Beautiful moths from eastern Asia

So far, a modest 41 observations have been submitted as part of the bioblitz, 34% of which are Lepidopterans (Butterflies and Moths). @thomaseverest inThailand and @onidiras in South Korea has found some particularly beautiful specimens:

Rusty Dot Pearl
Diarsia canescens
Nudariina sp.
Cyana sp.
Tussock Moth sp.

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Over 100 observations!

we recently passed 100 observations. #100 was this beautiful Dieffenbachia plant seen by @sabarni in Bangladesh!

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Good morning, good afternoon bioblitzers!

Hello All!
It's just approaching 7am in the Caribbean and already 325 observations have been uploaded and you guys are definitely not disappointing. Kudos so far to
@helenbergstrom for this common puffball
@jensu for this Arion slug
@vitanativa for this sweet cinquefolis
@amzamz for the double striped pug and this carrion crow
@kitbeard for the adorable house sparrow
@koos1 for the geranium
@cecileroux helicoid land snail
@yayemaster for the grass spider

Check you all later!

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Nearing 500 observations

Hi All,
At 470 observations
284 species
39 identifiers (you guys rock!)
23 observers (you're all amazing!)

Check out these that jump out for their clarity and beauty
@thomaseverest lichen moth and the cerith snail
@lauralovesbirds narrowleaf sunflower
@colin25 for common cape robin-chat and spotted painted reed frog

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I am loving these observations

Bioblitzers, we are just over 800 observations and here are the leaders thus far
1st @jensu with 86
2nd @amzamz with 84
3rd @srall with 69

1st @srall with 61
2nd @jensu with 53
3rd @helenbergstrom with 39

Observation #700 was this lappet moth caterpillar and #800 was night blackshade courtesy @colin25 and @prokhozhyj respectively.
Also check out
this scarlet basker from @gab00229
pyramid flower by @rhbastardo
european anchovy by @stanimiradeleva
slimy spike by @jensu

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