Fungimap Australia project: new field added

Hi everyone,

To keep things interesting, we have added a new field to complete when you upload your fungi observations to the Fungimap Australia project.

You now have the option of adding "Group size" information. This means the number of individuals seen in a group. Sometimes you may see just one sporing body of a fungus, other times you may see two or three, or a large group of 30 or more. Please approximate for large numbers.

This new field is not compulsory, but if completed, gives additional data that may be useful both to identify species and for future research purposes, for example giving information about seasonal conditions, removal by animals etc.

As always, we welcome feedback on our project at

Keep up the great work!

Sophie and the Fungimap team

Posted on October 24, 2023 03:48 AM by fungimap fungimap
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