Changes to observation field values

Hi all,

Just wanted to let all contributors to the project know that the values for the 3 observation fields have shuffled around a bit. Changes are as follow:

Abundance of beachcast Physalia: minor change
New option added: '1000s'

Length of Physalia float: major change
New categories:
0-3 cm (paperclip)
4-7cm, (peg, key)
8-11 cm (highlighter)
12 - 20cm (pencil)
more than 20 cm (foot)

Physalia 'handedness': moderate change
New categories:
All right-handed
Most right-handed
All left-handed
Most left-handed

Whilst the old values you filled out were retained and downloaded before I made this change, they are now essentially redundant for data purposes. If able, can you please update your observation fields for the observations you've added to the project. To do this, go to each of your Physalia observations, left click on the name of the ...more ↓

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The Bluebottle does not swim, but is transported by the ocean currents and the wind. When pointing forward, the bulge of the tentacles is either to the right or to the left of the sail, referred to as right-handed bluebottle (right photo on the banner) or left-handed bluebottle (left photo on the banner). They are expected to drift in opposite directions when the wind ...more ↓

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