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Avid beachcomber and naturalist. Currently writing a field guide to beachcombing in NSW.
Specialty is NSW marine gastropods and bivalves, particularly from Sydney to Port Macquarie.

I'm currently working on a comprehensive survey of Duck River Reserve in southwestern Sydney. The reserve contains the critically endangered Cooks River Clay Plain Scrub Forest community, of which less than 1% of its original extent remains, and is threatened on all sides by urban expansion. For plants, I'm comparing my species list with a 1979 survey by Tony Price, the only comprehensive survey for this reserve. I'd hugely appreciate any IDs for this project.

I recently published a short e-book about scientific etymology entitled 'It's Helico-pter, not Heli-copter: A Beginner's Guide to Deconstructing Scientific Words and Names', which is available here for the US, and here for Australian users.

I co-organised the 2020 City Nature Challenge for Sydney with @cnc_sydney_2020.

Completed my honours thesis on biofoulers and the goose barnacle genus Lepas as part of UNSW's FAMER Lab. You can read my paper The ecology of Lepas-based biofouling communities on moored and drifting objects, with applications for marine forensic science

I created the First Known Photographs of Living Specimens project, check it out for some amazing observations from all around the world.

You can contact me at or

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