Scavenger Hunt winners

You may remember we recently ran a Bush Blitz Scavenger Hunt as part of Sydney Science Trail and National Science Week. Well, we're pleased to announce the winners of the scavenger hunt are:

Individual winner - Thomas Mesaglio (@thebeachcomber)
Group winner - Bjorn & Kasper Howorth (@jasmineh)
Primary School winner - Kongwak Junior School (@kongwak-junior-p-3)

It seemed a bit unfair to compare those just starting out on their iNaturalist journey with the likes of @thebeachcomber, so we will be sending some extra prizes to three of our younger entrants who were all Highly Commended - Anna Sheary (11 years), Abby Sheary (9 years) and Lana Goodall (13 years).

Thanks to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and the Australian Museum for contributing some of the prizes.

Here are a couple of observations from the winning entries...

White-banded House Jumping Spider, © Thomas Mesaglio

Common Rough Woodlouse, © kongwak-junior-p-3

While looking for a crustacean, the children at Kongwak Junior School spotted this unusual blue Common Rough Woodlouse. Thanks to the magic of iNaturalist, viral taxonomist @jameskdouch was on hand to explain what they had found - a woodlouse infected with Invertebrate iridescent virus 31. This was only the second record of the virus in Australia and the questions and answers that followed in the comments of this observation are worth reading.

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