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Activating Australians for Citizen Science-NSW, Vic, WA, Tas and other places icon

Activating Australians for Citizen Science-NSW, Vic, WA, Tas and other places

To activate citizen scientists among the Australian community. Anyone is free to join, just please email ...
Australian Butterflies and Moths icon

Australian Butterflies and Moths

Join us and document all your findings here within the project. This helps us keep track of species and loc...
Beach (and coastal) Weeds of Tasmania icon

Beach (and coastal) Weeds of Tasmania

Tasmania being an island state is surrounded by a wonderful coastline. This list highlights some of the com...
Blue Derby Wild Day Tripper, BioBlitz icon

Blue Derby Wild Day Tripper, BioBlitz

Data collection from Day Tripper, Citizen Science BioBlitz projects in the threatened forests of north east...
Carnivorous plants of Tasmania icon

Carnivorous plants of Tasmania

Tasmania's insectivorous plants are in two unrelated genera: Utricularia (bladderworts, 8 species) and Dros...
Claws on the Line icon

Claws on the Line

This information is contributing to a new citizen science project called Claws on the Line, coordinated by ...
Cuttlebones of Australia icon

Cuttlebones of Australia

Discover and compare the cuttlebones of Australian cuttlefish species.
Deadwood icon


Collection of observations on a particular block in Huon Valley, Tasmania
Don Reserve Extinction Matters BioBlitz icon

Don Reserve Extinction Matters BioBlitz

Threatened Species Day marks the date - 7th September 1936 - of the death of the last known thylacine. Eigh...
dummy 'private Tas property' project icon

dummy 'private Tas property' project

trialling privacy and sharing settings among Tasmanian biologists
Dummy Extinction Matters BioBlitz project icon

Dummy Extinction Matters BioBlitz project

This project is designed to allow scribes for the Extinction Matters BioBlitz projects to experiment with e...
Flowering Plants of Tasmania icon

Flowering Plants of Tasmania

A collection of the Flowering Plants observed in Tasmania, to provide a more complete overview of the speci...
Frogs of Tasmania icon

Frogs of Tasmania

A project to collect all the endemic/native frogs observed within Tasmania.
Fungi of Tasmania icon

Fungi of Tasmania

Discover and track the wonderful fungi that live on the island under Down under, Tasmania! This project wil...
Giant Tree Expeditions icon

Giant Tree Expeditions

Giant Tree Expeditions runs small-scale Expeditions to see the tallest and largest flowering plants on Eart...
Herpetofauna of Tasmania icon

Herpetofauna of Tasmania

To document and collate all reptile and amphibian sightings in Tasmania, including exotics (which are a bio...
Hibbertia species of eastern Australia icon

Hibbertia species of eastern Australia

Observe and explore the amazing diversity of the plant genus Hibbertia (guinea flowers) in eastern Australi...
Huon Valley Coastal Hotspots icon

Huon Valley Coastal Hotspots

Trial project. Filling data gaps on the huon valley coastline. More information to come.
Island Biogeography Project icon

Island Biogeography Project

Testing the theory of island biogeography
Lepidoptera Week 2022, Tasmania icon

Lepidoptera Week 2022, Tasmania

This project aims to record a week of mid summer observations of the wonderful butterflies and moths that a...
Lorinna Biodiversity Survey icon

Lorinna Biodiversity Survey

Welcome to the Lorinna Biodiversity project. The purpose of this project is multifaceted; to collect a snap...
Moths of Tasmania, Australia icon

Moths of Tasmania, Australia

This project provides a resource for the appreciation of the distribution and seasonality of the moth fauna...
Mozzie Monitors - Australia icon

Mozzie Monitors - Australia

Mozzie Monitors is a new citizen science initiative to increase public awareness and mosquito surveillanc...
Naomi's Observations icon

Naomi's Observations

To record observations of interest as I come across them
Natural Values Atlas Tasmania icon

Natural Values Atlas Tasmania

Species records collected in Tasmania for entry onto the Natural Values Atlas
Odonata of Tasmania, Australia icon

Odonata of Tasmania, Australia

This project provides a resource summarizing the distribution and seasonality of the Odonata of Tasmania, A...
Orchids of Tasmania icon

Orchids of Tasmania

A crowd science project to record the presence and distribution of orchids in Tasmania.
Premier Travel Tasmania icon

Premier Travel Tasmania

Exploring Tasmania's flora and fauna. All oberservations from Premier Travel Tasmania in Australia.
Prickly pear in Australia icon

Prickly pear in Australia

A university research project investigating the diversity in Opuntia species and its invasiveness in Austra...
Shrubby samphires and climate change icon

Shrubby samphires and climate change

Shrubby samphires, Tecticornia arbuscula, are a long lived Samphire species that seems to be struggling wit...
Spring Bay Mill Junior Naturalists Program. icon

Spring Bay Mill Junior Naturalists Program.

Become a Junior Naturalist! In your teams, discover and document as many species as you can see! Once hom...
Tarkine BioBlitz 2019 icon

Tarkine BioBlitz 2019

Welcome to Tarkine BioBlitz 2019! The Bob Brown Foundation has organised the fifth annual BioBlitz in th...
Tasmanian eagle monitoring project (trial) icon

Tasmanian eagle monitoring project (trial)

A new project seeking to estimate the number of eagles in Tasmania and monitor how these change. We'll also...
Tasmanian ferns icon

Tasmanian ferns

Explore the native pteridophytes of Tasmania: 86 fern species spanning 22 families (plus two additional spe...
Tasmanian threatened species icon

Tasmanian threatened species

A way for anyone to report their species observations to the Tasmanian state government's Natural Values At...
Tassie Deer Spotters icon

Tassie Deer Spotters

Tasmania's introduced fallow deer are expanding their range and beginning to invade and threaten the Tasman...
Tea Fauna icon

Tea Fauna

The project is focused on biodiversity associated with tea species (Camellia sinensis, C. sinensis var. as...
TEST PROJECT - Little Penguins in Tasmania icon

TEST PROJECT - Little Penguins in Tasmania

This project will collect observations of Little Penguins in Tasmania. Please write in the notes: the numbe...
The Great Lambert Gully Bug Hunt icon

The Great Lambert Gully Bug Hunt

As part of National Science week, this project aims to showcase the diversity and abundance of invertebrate...
TMRIcollect (spores, moulds & fungus) icon

TMRIcollect (spores, moulds & fungus)

To record and map the health and biodiversity of fungal life across Tasmania
Trek Tours Australia icon

Trek Tours Australia

A staff resource for TTA
Urban Harvest Launceston icon

Urban Harvest Launceston

The aim of this project is to record the location of fruit trees and edible plants in general that are situ...
Vascular Flora of Tasmania icon

Vascular Flora of Tasmania

Research-grade observations of Tasmanian vascular plants for possible link from Flora of Tasmania Online.
Victorian Backyard Spider Bioblitz icon

Victorian Backyard Spider Bioblitz

Find as many Spiders as you can in your backyard and upload them on here! Spiders are so fascinating! Each ...
Weeds of Tasmania icon

Weeds of Tasmania

Documenting the naturalised alien plants that occur in Tasmania.
Wombats of Tasmania icon

Wombats of Tasmania

Discover and track common wombats within Tasmania
🪲Newcastle Invertebrates!🪲 icon

🪲Newcastle Invertebrates!🪲

🐞 INVERT NATION! 🐞 Tired of local projects not having enough legs or eyes? Do you feel like your local i...
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