Wild Man

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I’m not a scientist or have any fancy degrees. I’m just an average dude who enjoys documenting wildlife.

•I like birds the most as they’re cool, colourful, smart and some times pretty cheeky. It’s also just so cool to me that they are living breathing dinosaurs!
•Spiders for some reason scare me and I’m not entirely sure why and I don’t like getting close to them but I still respect their existence and appreciate their vast diversity (from a distance) I will still try to document them on occasion.
•I also like reptiles as I just find them cool to look at and if safe to do so handle them. My favourites are snakes and crocodiles and I also find it cool that crocs are more closely related to birds than other reptiles!

Well that’s me in a nutshell.

Please check out my observations and if possible I would really appreciate it if you helped with suggesting ID for animals.

Kind regards wildman101

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