Paul Sinclair

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Mushrooms brought me to iNat. I have been interested in identification for about 20 years now. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, but I started out identifying mushrooms in Japan.

After about 15 years of mushroom fever, I got disillusioned. Paging through guidebooks for a genus-species "match" really came to seem pointless (which it was). And only looking at mushrooms (and not trees, for example) was crazy. I also became suspicious about the old monograph-and-herbarium method of identifying mushrooms. For example, I bought the Hesler monograph on Gymnopilus genus. Yes, it was detailed. But I seriously doubted how useful it actually was.

inaturalist really got me motivated again. Applying the massive pool of internet knowledge to identification just makes sense. And I am interested in DNA sequencing of fungus.

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