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Still recovering but getting back into IDs - tag me if you need an ID!

Entomology student specialising in Australian mantises, but with a keen interest in all orthopteroid insects and of course all organisms! I used to post my own sightings on Bowerbird ( but now that the site is being shut down I've transferred them all over to iNat. I'm also woefully behind on sorting through all my photos, so most of my sightings will be at least a year old by the time I get to them! Follow me on Facebook for nature photography and entomological musings (

I currently do IDs for the following taxa so feel free to tag me in any observations I've missed:
Mantodea of Oceania (and slowly expanding outwards)
Australian Phasmatodea
Australian Tettigonioidea, Gryllotalpoidea, Tridactyloidea, Acridoidea, and Pyrgomorphoidea (and slowly getting to the other Orthopteran groups)
Australian Embioptera
Australian Centipedes (Chilopoda)
Australian and NZ Nephilidae, Argiopinae, and Gasteracantha
Australian and NZ Sparassidae
Australian Pisauridae
Australian Lampriminae and Xylotrupes
Select Australian Cassidinae
Australian Scutelleridae, Tessaratomidae, and Mictini
Australian Onychophora
Australian Amblypygi

Currently going through cockroaches and geez they all look the same :P

I'll hopefully get around to all of the Australian Orthopteroids eventually, but in the meantime check out the project I've made for them:

Have a look at some of my favourite places here:

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