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I am a Forestry graduate of Michigan Tech University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Houghton). Was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Now home is in Troy, Michigan.
Married with one child; we have a cottage in the Meredith area in Clare County of lower Michigan. A lot of my observations are made in that general area of the state.
I've always loved nature and I think that my first push into it was in fourth or fifth grade when the class got an assignment to make a map of their own home and identify all of the trees on it.
I worked for almost 37 years at Detroit Edison (now DTE) in the cartography department and then moving into a job as an electric service planner. A position kind of opposed to trees (!) since they cause many power outages.
I'm still learning a lot about how iNaturalist works but excited to be contributing to the database.
Since retiring, my wife and I have taken up nature walks where we try to ID the wildflowers in the area with the aid of reference books that we have purchased.
We are members of the Michigan Botanical Club and this has also helped us in doing our plant identifications. If you live in Michigan and have an interest in botany, please consider joining the club!
We have found many plants in Clare and Roscommon counties that don't appear in the database in those counties. So we are planning to get herbarium specimens over to the University of Michigan for posterity.

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