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I look at plants & rocks with an emphasis on edaphic endemism, biogeography, speciation and cool evolutionary histories (long lonely branches or broad radiations). I enjoy neurotic dogs, fabids, my short heinous gymshorts, irritating the right people, and Taquerias with numerous health code violations.

No, I won't share locations with you, especially if you're not affiliated with an institution, and even then probably not.

All my photos free to use for non-commercial & educational use, so long as credit given

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"The Achomawi called the European invaders "*inillaaduwi" (tramps).
They said about them, ""They do not believe anything is alive. They are
dead themselves." On crystal fall days when the wild plums are sweet, and
the winds in the canyons of the Warner Mountains carry a hint of the cold
weather to come, and you can see a hundred miles across the desert, and
the aspen leaves are changing color in the high air, it is possible to believe
in redemption for ourselves and for the land. It is necessary to invest in
the land some measure of spirit and to sanctify it as did the Achomawi."

  • Melvin Adams, Netting the Sun

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