Christine Rand

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I've been interested in wildlife from a young age. But never got serious about identification and listing until moving to the Mid North coast in 2013. I started listing all the flora and fauna species on our Land for Wildlife property. I got introduced to iNaturalist in 2022 and thought it was a fantastic tool for keeping track of my observations. And iNaturalist is great for keeping track of all observations around Australia and the Globe for scientific research. Which will hopefully, help conserve our wildlife.

📷My Observations:
Will be photographed where I find the specimen, so as to cause as little disturbance as possible.
I will generally add in the notes where I found the specimen and on what plant if applicable.
My estimate of size of the specimen will be in cm as my accuracy will not be to the mm. For invertebrates body length = Head+thorax+abdomen. 
I will endeavor to get as best photos as I can and from different angles to help with identification.
Ideally I try to get my observations as close to species level as possible. But understand this can be impossible for some species.
If I have uploaded a specimen and missed a crucial photo of a diagnostic feature please let me know and if I encounter that species again I will endeavor to capture that feature.

💻My Identifications:
Will mostly be of birds as birding has always been my main interest. I can recognise some calls as they are an important part of birding.
I'm also familiar with plants from IDing most of the plants on our property and having had a general interest in plants.
Frogs/mammals/reptiles and invertebrates are generally new to me except for the more common ones.

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