Charlie Hohn

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Hi, I'm Charlie! I am a wetland ecologist! I graduated from the UVM Field Naturalist program. My specialty is plants in the northeastern US, southeastern Canada, especially wetland plants, and to a lesser extent plants in coastal southern California. I'm neurodivergent and I made a project and forum thread for the many neurodivergent people on iNaturalist:

I am not active on the forum any more because i don't think it is moderated fairly. Feel free to message me here though.

I also have opinions about taxonomy that people disagree with . I am not auto-accepting iNat splits and changes any more and will be rejecting them until a better system is laid out so please don't try to force my observations into the new taxonomy, i'll just turn off community ID.

i believe iNaturalist users should all have to follow the site guidelines despite their social status or 'how irreplaceably important they are' to identifying things or whatever. People who are good community members are harder to find and train than people who can identify things. I say this as someone who is obsessed with identifying things and isn't always great socially. But it's important. We have to support each other and not tolerate bullying and harassment that drags us down. I don't think iNat is currently doing a good job with this or keeping true to itself or its stated goals. So while i'm still very active adding observations here, i'll be scaling back my community engagement a lot.

I occasionally receive requests from people hoping i will mail them plant material. Sorry, but i can not do that at this time. I don't have the capacity to navigate the legal and ethical issues around when it is or isn't OK to do so and also live in a rural location that currently lost its post office to a flood. Among other things. Sorry. Some of the projects sound interesting for sure.

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