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*If you have a bee species you would like added please send me a message or "@" tag me as daily checking all the subgenus in Leioproctus can get quite time-consuming :)

I am an avid junior naturalist based in South Australia looking to get into a career in either Taxonomy specialising in Australia’s bees or Mellitology (both are quite underrepresented in Australia). I especially want to cover the Nullarbor Plain, central SA, and Kangaroo Island as relatively little has been covered there.

I try to ID all the bee observations in Australia by working day-by-day, but as there are so many going back to the beginning and working forward would probably take a year or so, so if you have a particular observation you want ID’d or you think I’ve missed (I check ID’s around 3-5 Adelaide time) feel free to “@“ tag me as I’m always looking for ways to skip homework. I am happy to respond to identifications to the best of my ability, however outside of Australia I will admit I have little idea. Any corrections regarding ID are most welcome.

Trout fishing has led me to also have interests in Mayflies although at present out of SA I can only ID to Genus (usually).

Have side interests in native wasps, odonata, butterflies, jumping spiders, cicadas, mantises, and orchids.

I have a pet mantis (Archimantis sobrina) that I love to bits.

Please Note: I am a teenager and I don't know everything, don't take what I say as gospel. I can and do make mistakes, so please correct me when I'm wrong. I am always welcoming advice and new information.

I have some projects you may be interested in:

Profile picture is a female Trichocolletes albigenae from my work experience

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