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February 14, 2023

Competition #2

The last competition was Friendly competition #1 revolving around who will be the first to observe a kinglet. With spring coming around the corner I have decided it is time to start a new competition. Who will see and photograph the first Summer Tanager of the year in South Carolina. It must be within the boundaries of South Carolina must be from 2023 and must have a photo. When you photograph one comment here. @jtmartin54 @torgos23 @sudomir @rtwhitson3 @abiggs2 @kkeivit @sc_beetles @sharonoutside @slambert40 . I have only mentioned top ten bird observers of the state. If you see this and are not mentioned fell free to join by commenting. Here is the link for the project @toxmace @latraviata you two are in the top 10 species list feel free to join if you like.

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