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As I write more journal posts, it becomes more annoying for me to retrieve old ones due to the current journal interface on iNat. So I'm making this post as an index for all of them, and will add to it as I write new posts. A link to this index will be on my profile.

May 2021 - Seashell field guide finally out!

November 2021 - Get on board the new Xmas beetle project

February 2022 - Big Bushfire BioBlitz

April 2022 - Commonly confused pairs of Australian arthropods

April 2022 - Setting up projects with 'Australia' as a place filter

May 2022 - Australian moths and the influence of Victor Fazio III

December 2022 - Duck River Survey finished

February 2023 - Xerochrysum cleanup

February 2023 - Australian Agaristinae

February 2023 - Barrage of notifications - an apology

April 2023 - Australian Bidens cleanup

June 2023 - Splitting of Lysimachia arvensis colour morphs

July 2023 - Guide to non-yellow flowering Oxalis in Australia

August 2023 - Norfolk Island vascular plant curation

October 2023 - Gazania in Australia

October 2023 - Check old Ericaceae observations

November 2023 - 2023 bird taxonomy changes - an Australian perspective

November 2023 - Deobscuring Tasmanian species

December 2023 - Hedera in Australia

December 2023 - Deobscuring Australian species (IUCN statuses)

February 2024 - Identification of Actinodium

February 2024 - New Western Australian Isopogon changes

April 2024 - Major changes to Leptospermeae

May 2024 - Diopatra along the eastern Australian coast

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