December 01, 2023

Working in ‘Ōla‘a Forest Reserve

Whoops this is what I get for posting these journal entries way after the fact. This was actually my first experience doing field work in Hawai'i. We were working in the wet forest of ‘Ōla‘a which is just outside of Volcanoes NP. It was my first time even seeing any kind of wet forest ecosystem and wow my mind was blown! There is just so much to look at! I tripped multiple times looking around at plants instead of where I was stepping, but it was beyond worth it. There are just so many layers in the forest and I quickly became obsessed with all the epiphytes that clung to the trees! The field leads would stop us at plants we came across that we have not seen before, so I got a lot of iNat observations today! It was incredible and I adored working here! :)

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November 30, 2023

Hawai'i: Camp Trip to Nāhuku

First camp trip in Hawai'i! Woohoo! It was incredible. I had forgotten how much I absolutely adore camping. It was my first time out in the subalpine shrublands of Hawai'i, so I tried to take photos of anything and everything I could on this app lol! The sunsets were gorgeous and there were so many Erckels that kept calling which was so funny. The views from the areas we were sampling were so vast and it looked like you could fall off the edge of the earth into sky. We crossed a ton of old lava flows too, which was incredible (although my ankles would disagree haha). I'm writing this many months after the fact haha, but I just remember feeling so incredibly grateful to be here and see the things I'm seeing while doing my literal job?? Can't get much better than that I don't think. It made me so excited for the future trips we would take during this field season.

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