September 26, 2021

My Inat milestones

5.1.2017 first observation added

25.9.2001 18355 observations, 4000 species, 3227 RG species, 91 first inat observations

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November 28, 2018

What camera should I buy?

I am a big fan of INaturalist. As a former photographer with less and less time I found myself using more and more my smaprtphone Samsung Galaxy S9, sometimes my Canon EOS80D with either 100/2,8 macro or 400/5,6L lens, sometimes Canon SX40HS but I am thinking about something else. I will try to summarize pros and cons of each of my considerations:

SMARTPHONE (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S9)

  • ligthweight
  • always with me
  • good for flower and insects and some reptiles
  • location data
  • easy upload
  • not good for birds, mammals and some reptiles
  • not so good quality, especially in low light

HYPERZOOM COMPACT (e.g. Nikon P900 or canon SX40HS)

  • lightweight and compact
  • good coverage, from wide angle to extreme telephoto (e.g. 2000 mm for P900)
  • location data (P900, pitty P1000 doesn't have GPS)
  • easy video shooting
  • not so good quality, especially in low light
  • not good autofocus for birds
  • shutter lag
  • not so good macro capabilities, problems with focusing

SLR with hyperzoom (e.g. EOS 80D + TAMRON 18-400)

  • still relatively light
  • quite good coverage, not 2000 mm, but 640 not so bad for birds
  • no need to change lenses
  • picture quality much better than mobile or hyperzoom
  • good autofocus
  • no shutter lag
  • not so good macro capabilities (but you can carry macro lens)
  • not state of the art picture quality
  • no GPS (on my EOS 80D)

SLR with telephoto zoom (e.g. EOS 80D + Canon EF 100-400 L lens)

  • heavy
  • outstanding picture quality
  • outstanding autofocus, no shutter lag
  • good coverage for flowers, birds, butterflies, and bigger insects, though not really macro (0.31x)
  • excellent quality to make crops
  • no GPS (on my EOS 80D)

I am not looking at money, of course, the latest option is the most expensive, I am really looking here at the best and most effective option. Sometimes I think about Nikon P900, than about Tamron 18-400, now my prefered choice is Canon 100-400, especially now when I am linking examples. What would you choose?

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