August 10, 2019

Wildlife Tourism can be fun, adventurous and helpful to the scientific community.

Travelling is not just passion, but can also is fun, is an adventure of our life.

But what if you could travel, see wildlife, react with it and also help the scientific community?
Would you do it?

I am doing it...

How? Just having fun in my life. I am enjoying tourist attractions in every city and/or country i am going, and i am using my time also to try to find and record the biodiversity of the area.

Then i am uploading to inaturalist, or in other wildlife projects and in that way i am creating a library of what i have seen and where, sharing my photos with the world, and scientists and organizations are getting data which they can use it where they want it...

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August 02, 2018

Field guides for Jellyfish and Sharks in Greece.

A new way to help people to identify various organisms is by creating digital field guides.
I started with jellyfish ( and i continued with sharks ( But soon i will create many more field guides.

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