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End of 2023/early 2024 update: New Year's resolution is to remember to add explanations for my identifications, to help new users be more involved with iNaturalist.

I'm an amateur, not an expert! My goal is to identify observations that don't have an id at all or a very general one so that more knowledgeable people see them. I make mistakes sometimes (often) so just let me know and I'll remove my id! I don't want to impair the data quality of observations on here

Hi! I'm Dan, an environmental science student in Melbourne whose main interest is Australian coastal environments and brackish swamp. I use this site casually to mainly post pictures of plants, bugs, spiders, and birdlife around the Melbourne area and identify what I can, or at least take a few observations out of the 'unknown' category. I'm still new to this and open to any advice, corrections, or discussion! I have autism (formerly Asperger's Syndrome) and ADHD, please be patient with me when communicating.

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