Sylvia Felicity Ann Haworth

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I grew up on a farm on the Blackall Range surrounded by wildlife: wedgetailed eagles, owls, carpet snakes, you-name-it. My father and paternal grandfather, both farmers, were also amateur naturalists; we had a much-thumbed copy of What Bird is That? I also spent part of my teen years beside the Condamine river - lots of snakes and goannas, many birds, even koalas in river red gums, huge numbers of frogs after floods (also murray cod, turtles, yellowbelly, catfish..). Reconnected with wildlife when I moved to northside Bne suburbs after nearly 20 years in the wildlife-poor big city (inner-west Sydney 1985-2002); from 2013 began walking my local park and creek documenting wildlife. I'm interested in anything wild that I can see and/or hear and/or photograph. I LOVE iNaturalist Australia.

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