Mallacoota after the fire's Journal

November 20, 2023

South African Weed Orchid. Disa bracteata

So far there are no obervations of this weed on iNat for Mallacoota.
Those of us who live closer to Melbourne are all aware this WEED is spreading rapidly. I recently visited the Grampians and was horrified to see a clump of these invaders in what I had assumed to be pristine bush.
On returning home I have contacted various agencies for more help.
The organizations whose job it is to remove weeds need to be made aware how rapidly this weed is speading.
I have looked at the iNat map of Victoria showing all the observations for the State. It seems to me that not everyone is entering a sighting as an observation, I am also at fault here.
If you are doing observations for this project and you see one of these weeds please record it.
Thanks Ro.

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March 23, 2023

Many Australian plants have not been photographed.

The above link will take you to an article about the need for photos of many Australian plants.
It seems that many grasses and small plants are often overlooked.

As we are going in to winter when there aren't as many birds and insects to photo an alternative could be to photograph our Australian plants.
The Mallacoota area provides numbers and diversity of plants so go into the bush and see what you can find????

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October 11, 2020

I am cancelling my visit to Mallacoota

Hi everyone I am sorry but I have cancelled my visit to Mallacoota. I have a toothache and I am having difficulty finding a dentist who can fix it. I didn't want to go such a distance and then be miserable.

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October 08, 2020

Mallacoota after the fires.

I have sent the following note to all the 24 observers who have made observations available to this project.

Hi everyone it is great to see we have 400+ observations in Mallacoota after the fires. I am visiting Mallacoota from the 24th-31st October. I was wondering if those of you who are doing observations for iNaturalist and especially my project "Mallacoota after the fires" would like to meet and do some observations together? Sunday 25th or Monday 26th October would suit me and I would like some suggestions from those of you who are Mallacoota residents as to where we go to do the observations?
Kind regards
Rosemary Kidd

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