Welcome to the Habitat Connections Logan Project

Welcome to the Habitat Connections Logan iNaturalist project. The objective of this project is to help gather observations of the biodiversity in members backyards and build a connected network of passionate community members.

With a growing urban footprint, urban gardens play an important role in creating an environment for the flora and fauna in the local area. They can provide habitat for a range of species big and small, from insects and fungi to animals such as birds and flying-foxes.

These records not only allow members to keep a record of the species in their backyards but helps Council understand the frequency and occurrence of species in Logan to improve conservation management in the region.

After accepting the Project invitation, we encourage the observation location to be set to 'obscured' for any submissions as this will prevent any location details about your property from being visible while still allowing observation photos to be ...more ↓

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The purpose of this project is to create a flora and fauna species list for the Habitat Connections properties in the Logan City Council area. This will help us to create a comprehensive list of the plants and animals that Logan Habitat Connections properties support.

It also allows Habitat Connections property owners to upload species for identification and to help them create ...more ↓

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