Great Southern Bioblitz 2020 - Lake Mac City's Journal

September 24, 2020

High winds forecast for Saturday

Stay safe when out and about on Saturday especially in woodland and forested areas on western side of ridges. It may be a good idea to hold off visiting some areas until Sunday when winds subside.

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local orchid guide - Orchids of Green Point Foreshore Reserve

There are many orchid species in flower for the Bioblitz.
If you observe and upload any orchids - ensure you take photos from a few different angles to capture the key features.
Scroll down the link to brochures and you can download the Guide

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Let the observations begin!

At midnight tonight citizen scientists can start uploading their observations for the Great Southern Bioblitz project.

Let's showcase Lake Mac's amazing natural environment to the 147 areas and 12 countries participating. We look forward to seeing , and confirming, your IDs of all living things (plants and critters) both terrestrial and marine, diurnal and nocturnal.

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September 16, 2020

Time is ticking - get your cameras and phones charged up

Calling all citizen scientists, photographers and nature appreciators: it is <9 days until the Great Southern Bioblitz.
Now you have joined iNaturalist don't forget to upload your observations across Lake Mac City from 25-28 September.
This is a fantastic, free and COVID safe activity you can do by yourself or with family and friends.
Maybe a little friendly competition to see who can find the most species?
Encourage others to join iNaturalist and record their observations.
Not sure what you have found? Not a problem, other iNaturalist members will assist with IDs.
Over 70 cities, across 3 continents have signed up to participate so let's use this project to showcase our stunning area!

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August 17, 2020

Great Southern Bioblitz 2020 - Lake Mac City

The Great Southern BioBlitz is based on the same format as the worldwide City Nature Challenge (CNC) held earlier in the year. The CNC is held each year in April with over 250 participating cities to observe and record nature in their area. The event organised by Los Angeles Natural history Museum and the Californian Science Academy. In 2020, four Australian cities, Adelaide, Geelong, Redlands and Sydney were involved in the four days BioBlitz with Australians recorded almost 25,000 animal, fungi, and plant observations.
Following the success of the CNC, the Australian cities involved have combined to organise the Great Southern BioBlitz to highlight the biodiversity of our country in the flourishing springtime when flowering plants and many creatures are more evident in rural and city environments.
The GSB organising committee is also eager to have as more many people from Perth involved in this event where people participating at each location are striving to find and photograph as many species as possible within the event time frame. The event has proven to be a great way to engage people about nature and to learn about the animals and plant in their area.
The event will be held from Friday 25 September till the end of Monday 28 September with survey areas based on local government boundaries. Each participating group can define its observation range as being one or more local government areas.

We look forward to your area being involved and please free to contact us by email.
our website is
And follow us on Facebook and twitter @GSBioblitz
Join us we are also looking for a local leader coordinator to promote the project,
@dan_mckenzie @mareemccarthy

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