Bioblitz wrap-up 2

The second Big Bushfire BioBlitz, held on the NSW South Coast in and around Murramarang National Park, is all wrapped up!

We were lucky enough to have perfect weather over the weekend this time around, and plenty of enthusiastic bioblitzers, including a large contingent from the ALA. Plants, birds, herps, bugs and more were all on offer, including a great beachcombing trip on Saturday morning and some fantastic spotlighting sessions on Friday and Saturday night.

Observations are still coming in thick and fast, but we're currently at 2252 observations, and already close to reaching 700 species and overtaking the Blue Mountains tally.

Some highlights:

Greater and yellow-bellied gliders

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Australia’s Black Summer bushfire season ended just over a year ago. Millions of hectares across Australia burnt, with an estimated three billion animals killed or displaced, not including invertebrates. Understanding how the environment recovers from these unprecedented fires is an important scientific goal.
As a citizen scientist, your observations of biodiversity from burnt areas are ...more ↓

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