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February 14, 2020

Welcome aboard, dragonfly lover!

Thank you for joining "Dragonfly Detectives"! The more we can learn about which species are in our area, the better we can understand their habitat needs, gain insight into the general health of our waterways, and connect with the great outdoors through these charismatic and engaging creatures.

I'm Kelly Stettner, founder and director of the all-volunteer Black River Action Team based in Springfield, VT. We're going to get out on, in, and near the water around southeastern VT to collect exuviae (the shed exoskeletons that aquatic dragonfly nymphs leave behind as the larvae emerge from the water to reveal their fully-formed adult bodies and fly away) as well as photographs of adults and larvae (photos only, no live collecting will take place as part of this project).

I expect we'll have observations from several private ponds, Muckross Pond in Springfield, the campus of the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences in Quechee, the Saxtons River and Grafton Pond, Knapp Ponds I and II in Cavendish, and several wetlands, bogs, coves, lakes, and ponds all over the region.

Partners include the afore-mentioned VINS, YMCA Meeting Waters Day Camp, Muckross State Park day campers, the Black River Action Team, Grafton Nature Museum, and the Dragonfly Society of the Americas (North East Chapter).

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