Welcome to BIOL3033!

Hello Everyone
I hope you are as excited as I am about this semester. While we won't be able to meet in person, I hope we can learn together using iNaturalist (and a few other nifty tools).

Please get started by posting some insect pics.

Let's go!!

Posted on August 18, 2020 06:29 AM by tardigrade_tanya tardigrade_tanya | 0 comments | Leave a comment

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This is a place for the Usyd Applied Entomology community to post and discuss our insect sightings. In addition to the targeted posts each week (listed on Canvas as 'insect scavenger hunt'), please feel free to post additional interesting sightings. Please try to ID your specimen, but don't just take a guess. It better to post something with a 'Class' level ID if unsure, then to take a wild ...more ↓

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