Merry Christmas Beeple!

Hi Beeple, Merry Xmas! A couple of days left to go photo and upload your December bee hotel monitoring photos to your iNat project - please encourage everyone you know to join and enter their photos! even if there's nothing in your hotel it's still valuable data to upload :)Looking forward to your ongoing observations - we're about halfway through! This is peak bee season so things are starting to heat up at my bee hotels at least in WA =D

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This project is for citizen scientists who are participants in the Australian Native Bee Association's project Bee hotels to boost bees after bushfires. Led by Kit Prendergast, the Bee Babette, we will be installing bee hotels in/near areas affected by bushfires. Bee hotels will be installed in August and monitoring monthly during bee activity season (installed in Aug 2021, monitored ...more ↓

kitprendergast created this project on June 07, 2021
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