First Flight 2 Light observations

We've enjoyed looking at your Flight 2 Light observations, and are excited to have introduced a few new users to iNaturalist too.

If the following observers contact us at, we'll arrange to get a Flight 2 Light cap to you - @thwindsor, @r_shofner, @tamzin_ward_kucurs, @victoria919. Thanks for taking part!

In case you missed the last post, Bush Blitz is partnering with the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance to raise awareness of the impacts of light pollution on the night time environment. While the ...more ↓

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Bush Blitz is Australia’s largest species discovery program - a partnership between the Australian Government, BHP and Earthwatch. Bush Blitz takes expert taxonomists on expeditions to remote locations to record plants and animals. Now anyone can join the Bush Blitz team on a virtual expedition, from anywhere in Australia!

With ...more ↓

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