Spot the difference - bee careful!

It can be easy to misidentify observations, particularly when some species look so similar. And, if someone agrees with your incorrect ID, your observation will soon become an official record in our national biodiversity database ALA.

One of our regular contributors contacted us recently to let us know how they had been fooled by some clever mimicry, and how this provided an opportunity for us to educate our members. Tell us in the comments which of the 4 creatures below is the odd one out and why, and you could win a Bush Blitz cap. We'll reveal the answer in the comments on Wednesday 25 November.

If you regularly ID observations on iNaturalist, you may be aware of other species that are regularly misidentified. We'd love to have your suggestions for more of these informative quizzes. Email your suggestions to Thanks!

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Bush Blitz is Australia’s largest species discovery program - a partnership between the Australian Government, BHP and Earthwatch. Bush Blitz takes expert taxonomists on expeditions to remote locations to record plants and animals. Now anyone can join the Bush Blitz team on a virtual expedition, from anywhere in Australia!

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