Russalpia longifurca

This species is very similar to Russalpia albertisi.
According to Key (1991) they can be distinguished by two features:
In R. longifurca the male femora I and II are slightly to strongly inflated.

In R. albertisi the male furcula is absent or short and blunt:

In R. longifurca the male furcula is present and has long sharp arms:

The two species are geographically separated, R. albertisi occurring in the north and east and R. longifurca to the southwest.
Key (1991) describes dividing lines as follows, “a line proceeding eastwards from the western coast to the vicinity of Lake Rowallan, and then south to just west of Derwent Bridge , between Mt Field West and Mt Mueller, and on the south coast near Prion Bay. North of ...more ↓

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A Guide to Australian Grasshoppers and Locusts (Rentz, Lewis, Su, and Upton) is a fantastic reference book with detailed photographs and descriptions of many of Australia's Acrididae and Pyrgomorphidae, both described and undescribed.
This project is a place to collect together all of the species that are not found in the guide (described and undescribed) so that they can be used as a ...more ↓

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