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If it's OK with everyone contributing I'd like to stick to recording the native freshwater species and avoid invasives or the marine environment. Please avoid disturbing live mussels which are firmly in place and not roaming about when you encounter them. Our research indicated that survival was reduced by as much as 60% when adult mussels were disturbed from most substrates. Dead shells are fine. The main threats to our freshwater taxa are from impoundments (limiting the migration of glochidial host fish species), dredging, excessive extraction, and pollution, but so far not from invasive species as evident in the US/Canada. In Australia we no longer navigate our freshwater streams with water-ballasted cargo vessels from overseas freshwater lakes etc and that particular threat is hopefully unlikely. If someone wants to start a Marine Project I will help all I can. Declining Hyriids in Australia are the focus of this Project. Thanks for your input. Regards, Chris.

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Freshwater mussels in Australia come exclusively from the Family Hyriidae of the Order Unionida. Their distribution is quite poorly studied given the size of the continent. Of course few study grants are ever offered and river water is mostly seen as just a raw material for agriculture on this hopelessly misled continent. Hyridella glenelgensis is Critically Endangered (IUCN Red List). Many ...more ↓

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