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THIS IS A GROUP ACCOUNT - which means the sightings are fed through a single account from QuestaGame's players, and the players' usernames are cited beside each observation. QuestaGame is not an individual player.

QuestaGame is a mobile game where players - including many young people - have fun discovering, learning about and helping preserve life on this planet.

Players' sightings are shared with biodiversity databases (with their permission) - including GBIF, the Atlas of Living Australia, and iNaturalist - as a way for them to enhance their learning and contribute to biodiversity research and conservation.

If you participate in identifying these sightings, please note that you cannot - at this time - communicate directly with the players. We've been looking at various use-cases to make this possible, and will continue to explore this, but at the moment your IDs will simply help identify the sightings for the player.

QuestaGame also has a growing community of experts who are identifying sightings, and we're keen for these experts to contribute to both iNat and QuestaGame, and to be able to communicate together - something else we're exploring with iNaturalist.

If you're not interested in participating in this manner, we recommend blocking this account. We've requested iNaturalist to identify "group accounts" (there are several) as a separate account type, thus removing them from any leaderboards and allowing users to easily opt out. iNaturalist is considering this.

iNaturalist users who use QuestaGame can also "sync" their account through QuestaGame's settings. Note that entering your iNaturalist credentials on QuestaGame means that you're sharing your details with a third party, which is generally not good practice. While we do encrypt this information, and will protect it as best we can, we hope to soon release an OAUTH solution that is more standard practice.

If you have comments or would like to communicate directly with us, our administrator monitors this account and quickly responds to queries. We are approachable, eager to get your feedback, and keen to collaborate on the mission of connecting people to nature through technology.

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