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I am a rank amateur who enjoys observing nature and taking photographs with a simple camera or my cell phone. I am concentrating on the park area adjacent to my home, which I have observed since 1960. I have made it my job to rid the area of invasive species: buckthorn, phragmites and purple loosestrife, that were not here in 1960. The buckthorn is progressing, but I keep finding more! This area is bereft of the amphibians that used to live here as a result of municipal practices of the past. Also the creek, which I enjoyed so much as a child, has been dramatically changed due to remediation after significant and long term dioxin spills farther up stream. It is my hope to be able to restore some of the ponds that existed in the past, and welcome again the songs of the leopard frog and spring peepers.
"Who errs not while perambulating the domain of nature? Who can observe everything with accuracy? Correct me as a friend, and I as a friend will requite with kindness." - Linnaeus

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