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I am currently doing my Masters, working on log term population trends in mosquito communities along the Murray River in South Australia. I have conducted vector monitoring and contributed to various research projects over the years. I set up the Mozzie Monitors - Australia project as an extension of the Mozzie Monitors citizen science project . To help with common Mozzie ID have a look at my reference guide
"An abridged guide to mosquitoes of medical importance in South Australia"
Mozzie Monitors - Australia
The ongoing garden project of my Adelaide house Stephen's yard this is a part of the Australia backyard project The Pelzer project named after August William Pelzer one of Australia’s leading landscape gardeners under whose supervision the work of laying out Adelaide’s many gardens.

Prior to working in this space, I spent some time in Indonesia in Pearl aquaculture.
Most recently I have worked with several others to create the Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB), held for the first time 25-28 September 2020. This event hopes to encourage participation in citizen science throughout the Southern hemisphere via this platform while increasing knowledge of biodiversity.
Check out the engagement project the 'Great Southern Bioblitz"
Great Southern Bioblitz Umbrella- 2024
Great Southern Bioblitz Umbrella- 2023
Great Southern Bioblitz Umbrella- 2022
Great Southern Bioblitz Umbrella- 2021
Great Southern Bioblitz Umbrella- 2020

The ongoing 'Great Southern Bioblitz Particaipants and organisers project GSBiogroup

Twitter '@GSBioblitz'
I also work in a citizen science engagement role, working with older Australians, to aid this project I set up a project ‘Activating Australians for Citizen Science’ when the project finished I kept the project up and running and it has grown through the Facebook group Activating Australians for Citizen Science that we set up to support the work Activating Australians for Citizen Science umbrella

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I also organiser the City Nature Challenge for Greater Adelaide;
City Nature Challenge 2024: Greater Adelaide
City Nature Challenge 2023: Greater Adelaide
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and City Nature Challenge 2024: Darwin and Palmerston
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