At 6.41 in, please see the caudal flag of the snow leopard, which allowed the film-makers to spot it at distance. This caudal flag was not activated in the stalking sequence we are commentating. The caudal flag of the snow leopard differs somewhat from that of the leopard, in that a) it is not raised as high, b) it is white rather than black and white, and c) has white hair that is terminally fluffy rather than ventral-subterminal and hardly fluffy.


The above two photos show the difference in the caudal flag

Caudal flag not activated at 17.50 in

Around 21.58 in, we see juvenile playing, showing development of caudal flag, and - more to point - chasing a rolling pebble downhill.

43.52 in shows that the caudal flag is actually ventral-subterminal, but seems terminal because the tail is sharply curled near the tip while held low overall,

45.04 pectoral flag

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