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August 18, 2020

Observe & keep it beautiful

Consider collecting more than photos on your observation walks this August - from August 17-23 it's Keep Australia Beautiful Week!

This year’s theme is “Litter: Prevent the Spread”.

The campaign is inspired by the unprecedented circumstances triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting lockdowns and restrictions across the country, and the public’s increased use of single-use items to prevent the spread of the virus. Keep Australia Beautiful is calling on all Australians this year not only to stay safe, but also to help prevent the spread of litter in our beautiful country.

Find out more about how you can stop the spread at the Keep Australia Beautiful Website

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August 28, 2020

Do you speak Froglish?

Keep your eyes and ears peeled - it's breeding season and the local frogs are out and about. They might be hard to spot but luckily they're easy to hear!

If you've ever wanted to find out which species are in your backyard or local wetland, the WA Museum is here to help you learn to speak Froglish. Jump on their Frogwatch website where you can listen to some common frog calls, and then match them up with what you've heard on your walks.

In the Fremantle area, listen especially for the Moaning Frog, Motorbike Frog and Western Banjo Frog.


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