Welcome to Tropical Flora of Australia, a 3rd year botany subject jointly run by James Cook University and the Australian Tropical Herbarium. This is traditionally a fully hands-on, field-oriented botany course, with a focus on getting out into the bush to see, touch and smell the breathtakingly diverse flora of Australia's tropical north.

In 2020, we're restricted in what we can do as a group, so we've set up an iNaturalist project to encourage you as individuals to get out and explore the wild flora around you. This project is intended to be fun, but we also have high expectations of you as third-year students. This is not just a photography exercise - you will be expected to thoroughly document your observations, and provide verifiable identifications of the species you've photographed.

Most of all, enjoy your plant hunting. Explore beautiful wild places, find amazing plants, let the group know what you've found via this project, and be ...more ↓

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Document the botanical diversity of Tropical North Queensland as part of the James Cook University/Australian Tropical Herbarium's Tropical Flora of Australia subject.

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