The end of Day 1!

Wow - what an incredible few hours of observations!
The numbers and participation have exceeded all expectations so far! We are bound to end up with a truly impressive species list at the end of this first ever T&T Backyard Bioblitz. Thanks to ALL of you who have played a part in this success.

As we continue with the event, please:
*Try and at least choose a broad category (i.e. plant, bird, insect etc) when uploading your observations - this helps the experts assist with identification and speeds everything up.
*Continue to assist with identifications of other people's observations
*Tell friends to join - there is still time to contribute and be part of the event!
*Head out tonight with a torch and see what you can find in your backyard!
*Get up early tomorrow to fit in as much Bioblitzing as possible before midday!

Also please note that:
*There is no need to manually add observations to the project once you are a member, this should happen automatically
*A glitch in the phone app can make it look like you have been kicked off the project, but you haven't! Just keep uploading regardless!
*All observations must have been MADE during the Bioblitz period - but any of these that are UPLOADED after 12pm tomorrow will still be counted!

Continue to upload, ID, stay safe and have fun!

Team Bioblitz T&T

Posted by amydeacontt amydeacontt, November 21, 2020 23:10


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