Trinidad and Tobago Backyard Bioblitz's Journal

November 24, 2020

Quick update & stickers!

Hi everyone,
Thanks to everyone who continues to add their weekend observations!
Even bigger thanks to those who are helping to identify everything as it comes in...
If you are in doubt about a species ID, it is best to classify at a higher level (one you are fairly sure about - even if that is something very general like plants or flies etc), so that someone with more expertise can then assist with narrowing it down. This will help us get an accurate species list.
By this coming weekend we hope to start compiling initial reports, so it would be fantastic if you could aim to get the bulk of your remaining observations uploaded before the end of the week!
Thanks again everyone!
Team Bioblitz T&T
PS If you haven't yet requested your Bioblitz stickers, please do so using this link:

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November 22, 2020

A little reminder...

...that in order to add to the project you MUST have either a photo or an audio recording of the species. Please do NOT upload names of species alone. Unfortunately we are unable to include these in our totals for this event even if you saw them.
Thanks again to everyone who is continuing to upload their photos from the 24hrs, and those who are working tirelessly to help identify them!

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That's it!

Cameras down! Time to step back and see what we have achieved this weekend!
So far over 1000 species from nearly 5000 observations by nearly 200 observers....
Which is amazing.
Thanks to EVERYONE who took part, whether taking observations, identifying or spreading the word to others. The work doesn't end here - we still need your help in identifying or confirming the identity of many of the observations...if you have any knowledge or expertise for certain taxa, please assist as you are able!
Observations TAKEN in the period can still be uploaded and will be counted. If you can try and do this within the next week, that would be great.
For now - put your feet up and dry off with a cup of tea!
Thanks again everyone, we hope you had as much fun as we did!
Team Bioblitz T&T
(aka Mark, Amy, Stephanie, Linton, Laura, Renoir, Karishma & Ryan)

PS Prizes (courtesy TTFNC) will be announced once we have a better idea of the totals! Also, don't forget you're eligible to receive a Backyard Bioblitz STICKER if you uploaded at least 1 observation! Just fill this out this form:

PPS Our closing remarks and thanks on facebook live:

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Good morning Bioblitzers!

It's a damp morning throughout most of our backyards, but there is still plenty to be seen! Well done to everyone who braved the rain last night to find nocturnal species.
A few notices:
1) Any observations made before 12pm still count - but even if you don't get a chance to upload these before 12.
2) Please DO NOT add any observations without either an image or an audio file. If you have some of these in your list, please delete them. ALL observations MUST consist of either an image or a sound, or both.
3) Remember to at least select a general category when uploading - even if just "plant" or "animal"!
4) Please continue to help others identify their observations - thanks to everyone who has assisted with this so far, it's been a real team effort.
Good luck!

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November 21, 2020

The end of Day 1!

Wow - what an incredible few hours of observations!
The numbers and participation have exceeded all expectations so far! We are bound to end up with a truly impressive species list at the end of this first ever T&T Backyard Bioblitz. Thanks to ALL of you who have played a part in this success.

As we continue with the event, please:
*Try and at least choose a broad category (i.e. plant, bird, insect etc) when uploading your observations - this helps the experts assist with identification and speeds everything up.
*Continue to assist with identifications of other people's observations
*Tell friends to join - there is still time to contribute and be part of the event!
*Head out tonight with a torch and see what you can find in your backyard!
*Get up early tomorrow to fit in as much Bioblitzing as possible before midday!

Also please note that:
*There is no need to manually add observations to the project once you are a member, this should happen automatically
*A glitch in the phone app can make it look like you have been kicked off the project, but you haven't! Just keep uploading regardless!
*All observations must have been MADE during the Bioblitz period - but any of these that are UPLOADED after 12pm tomorrow will still be counted!

Continue to upload, ID, stay safe and have fun!

Team Bioblitz T&T

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And we're off!

Time to start bioblitzing!
A few people are having issues getting observations to add to the project. One thing to check is whether the time zone on your iNaturalist account is in T&T time (GMT-4) the default assumes you are in Hawai'i! if you still have issues - let us know. on facebook message on our group.

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Are you ready?!

Bioblitz 2020 is almost upon us, and we can't wait to see what turns up in our backyards this weekend!

Remember, the objective is to photograph & upload as many species as possible between midday on Saturday and midday on Sunday.

The photos must be TAKEN within this period, but it is fine to continue to upload photos afterwards - they will still count if they were taken during the Bioblitz 24hrs.

Tune in to our Facebook page just before midday for a short live stream launch where Bioblitz committee members will offer 'top tips' for the weekend - and we will officially start the count! The facebook page will also be the place to follow updates in terms of what is being spotted during the weekend.

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November 19, 2020

Two days to go!

Welcome to all the new project members!
It's so exciting to see the membership growing and growing in the days leading up to the Big Event.
Please do continue to spread the word and encourage others to get involved!
Remember all observations made between noon Sat and noon Sun will count towards our total. The sooner you can upload the better, but no worries if you have to upload later - they will still count.
Once you join this project and submit at least one observation made during the 24hrs, you are eligible to receive Bioblitz stickers in the mail - to claim your stickers, please fill out this form:
There will also be prizes for certain targets and achievements which we will share soon!
Finally, we plan to do a short live 'launch' on Facebook just before noon on Sat, so do join us there!
Any queries you might have can be sent to

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November 15, 2020

One week to go!

This time next week we'll be admiring our T&T backyard biodiversity species list!

Until then, please:

spread the word among friends, family, teachers, students and encourage them to join!
if you are new to iNaturalist, practice uploading some observations
follow updates on the T&T Bioblitz facebook page
Tune in to TTT on Thursday morning for a breakfast show interview with some of our team!

If you have any questions, you can contact us on

Looking forward to next weekend!

Team T&T Bioblitz

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November 10, 2020

Less than 2 weeks to go!

We are excited that you have joined this project and can't wait to see what you all find on the 21st/22nd November!

Between now and then please SPREAD THE WORD and persuade friends & family to join in too!

If you are new to iNaturalist, you may want to spend this coming weekend practicing uploading some photos of backyard species.

Finally, if you are a teacher and are considering incorporating the Bioblitz into your classes, please let us know by emailing and we will send you a 'Letter to Teachers' with some info and a few ideas.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more regular updates... :)

All the best from Team T&T Bioblitz

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