Sea Slug Census #8 March 5-8

We're Back! After a hiatus in October, ReefWatch and the VNPA are so excited to be running another Sea Slug Census in Melbourne/Victoria. If you have never been involved a run down can be found here (

Put simply, you spend as much time as you can over the four days looking for and photographing anything that looks like a sea slug and send your images into ReefWatch or post here (Also join and add your images to the Victorian Nudibranchs iNaturalist page To date we have recorded 184 species and found a few new species. I am excited to see if we can add several more.

To make it a bit more fun this year, the gauntlet has been thrown down to Victorian "Sluggers" by "Sluggoes" in Lord Howe Island, ...more ↓

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There is so much we don't know about Victoria's unique marine life, each and every image you submit will enhance what we know.
Grab a camera and go explore.

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