How I Raise Caterpillars Q & A


I am basically an amateur naturalist, although I do have qualifications and experience in Environmental Management I don’t work in that field. I have been an Environmental Volunteer for many years and one of my passions is Tarra-Bulga National Park. An interest in identifying and monitoring flora, fungi, birds and mammals developed over the years and I have now continued to develop an intense interest in insects and other invertebrates.


How did you get interested in rearing caterpillars?

After five or so years of putting up a light at my home (and other places) to survey moths and other insects, I began to think more about the whole life cycle of the moths I was finding. It became apparent to me that Moth species are described as adults, for many species there is no records of what their larva look like and many other aspects of their biology and life cycles remain unknown. I was taking ...more ↓

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A project for collating documented rearings of Australian larval lepidoptera (caterpillars) through to adult (imago) stages.

Please consider linking observations with the Observation field "Similar observation set". One popular method is to take the observation ID (set of numbers at the end of the Observation URL) of the first observation in the series (e.g. the caterpillar ...more ↓

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