This project will be deleted!

There is a new project instead that automatically collects all observation data from Las Cruces, see here.

I will delete this project in March 2020. None of your observations will be deleted.

Best wishes
Lena Struwe (vilseskog)

Posted on February 14, 2020 03:51 by vilseskog vilseskog | 0 comments | Leave a comment

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This is a project to create a checklist of species of all organismal groups seen at Las Cruces Biological Station in Costa Rica. The station is run by Organization for Tropical Studies, OTS/OET. The project is currently run by Lena Struwe (userID: vilseskog) from Rutgers University, together with OTS Las Cruces Director Rebecca Cole.

We welcome all and any observation data from the ...more ↓

Mini vilseskog created this project on March 25, 2017

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