Land for Wildlife - Ipswich Project Making Headway

Congratulations to our top observers!

It has been insightful watching new observations being submitted and learning about the biodiversity across our landscape. We have had over 750 observations in just over two weeks, from native fish to exotic weeds, this information can help guide conservation efforts.

The Land for Wildlife - Ipswich project has provided a great opportunity for members to showcase observations on their properties, we are looking forward to seeing more members join and more observations submitted.

Happy observing.

Posted on July 27, 2020 03:22 by conservation_partnerships_ipswich conservation_partnerships_ipswich | 0 comments | Leave a comment
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This project is a platform for Partnering landholders to collect and keep track of observations on their properties or local areas. The group is private and your data is not shared publicly or without your consent.

The landholder community is a central component to the success of biodiversity conservation in Ipswich. There is a strong social value in achieving conservation ...more ↓

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