Gang-gang research update

Dear Hungry Parrot Project contributor

I have already messaged many of you about the Gang-gang citizen science projects and how your Inaturalist sightings are helping us expand our knowledge on this truly magnificent Cockatoo. I also want to publicly thank Erika Roper for allowing me to utilise the Hungry Parrot team and your sightings. For those for which this is my first contact, hi, please keep up your reporting of all parrot feeding, but of course I would like you to pay particular attention to the Gang-Gang. Within the last three decades there has been a 69% decline in its reporting rate across its range, while the 1999/2000 fires significantly impact about 30% of its habitat.

I write to both thank you for the sightings you have already contributed to Hungry Parrots and to encourage you to keep those sightings coming and to dig out and lodge old images you may have. To date about 350 separate Gang-gang feeding sightings have been lodged. I have ...more ↓

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The Hungry Parrots Project (#HungryParrots) is a project investigating the diet and foraging behaviour of wild parrots in Australia, with plans to expand to the rest of the world.

The natural diet of many native parrots is not fully understood, and records are scarce. Parrots are extremely adaptable and many species have been observed feeding on novel, non-native foods, ...more ↓

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