Welcome to the Habitat Gardens Ipswich project

Welcome to the Ipswich iNaturalist project

Your Conservation Partnerships team would like to welcome you to an exclusive project for your property observations.

This is a project initiated between Ipswich City Council's Conservation Partnerships Officers and Biodiversity Officer. The objectives are to provide a platform for you to submit urban flora and fauna observations from your property or your local area. With our ever changing landscapes and extreme weather conditions, it is important to have an understanding of the presence and absence of biodiversity in our urban environments.

Once you have been accepted into the project and start submitting your observations, you can click the 'Obscure' location setting on each submission. This will ensure the observation location is not targeted, if you did have any concerns. As this is a private project, via invitation only, your observations are not publicly shared.

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This project is a platform for Habitat Gardens members to collect and keep track of observations on their properties or local areas. The group is private and your data is not shared publicly or without your consent.

The landholder community is a central component to the success of biodiversity conservation in Ipswich. Our urban environment plays an important role for ...more ↓

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